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The purpose of this wiki is for students of Kittson Central to have a repository of books and book reviews. It is a mission of KC to promote positive lifelong reading habits for our students. Collaborating on this wiki will allow you the opportunity to see which books your friends have liked and why. You also have the opportunity to rave about the "must-read" books you've devoured and can't wait to share. The books are arranged in many lists and some titles may fall under many categories. Enjoy!!

Before you get started, you should review HOW to write a good book review. Check out Scholastic Tips. This site gives a great overview of how to write a review, presents you with challenges you may encounter and provides you with an excellent example review.

Scholastic Examples--click on this link to find dozens of book review examples.

At minimum, follow these guidelines when you write your brief review.
  1. Add your personality to it. Imagine that you're telling your friend about the book. People actually want to know what YOU think!
  2. Be specific in what you did like and what you didn't like. Give examples. Use descriptive language and analogies.
  3. What about the characters and the setting? Were the characters people you could relate to or want to be friends with? Maybe they were people you would avoid at all costs. Let us know that. Was the setting scary, beautiful, home-like? Could you see it in your mind?
  4. Include the author, the book title and do a bit of proofreading on your spelling & grammar.
  5. Don't give away the ending. Remember that you want people to WANT to read this book. Provide them the hook. Give them the interest, but don't tell them everything! Keep the best parts to yourself and leave just enough mystery that it causes someone else to really want to read the book.