9th Grade Favorites
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How the Grinch Stole Christmas/Dr. Seuss
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The Shadow Club Rising by Neal Shusterman
The book The Shadow Club Rising is a story about a group of kids that always come in second place. Those kids want to get some revenge on their archrivals by pulling simple pranks and they get caught. All those kids try to avenge themselves by doing good deeds for the bad deeds they had originally done.

I especially liked the book because of the story of how kids can try to make them selves feel better by finding others in the same situation surrounding themselves by the same type of people. When the writer told the story, he put a lot of detail in how each kid came in second place and that especially caught my appeal to the book.

Bloomability by Sharon Chreech
Bloomability, by Sharon Creech, is a book about friendship and finding yourself. Dinnie, the main character, has an opportunity to spend a year with her aunt and uncle in Switzerland. At the beginning of her journey, she is confused and lonely, but as time goes on she finds new friends and learns new things about herself.

My favorite thing about this book was the different characters. Every person had a distinct personality, and by the end of the book I felt like I knew each one. Guthrie, a boy who loves life, is one of the first people Dinnie meets in Switzerland. They both go to the American boarding school where Dinnie’s uncle works, and they become close friends during the year. Lila, another one of Dinnie’s friends, is a pistol. She has a wild temper and always speaks her mind. Through the whole book, Dinnie is developing her own personality and character, which made the book very interesting.
Drum Girls Dangerous Pie
This book grabbed my attention immediately. In this book Steven's little brother Jeffery fell off of his breakfast stool and hit his nose on the floor and it started bleeding. Before Steven knew it, his parents were already blaming him. Steven simply told them he didn’t do anything. Stevens’ mom rushed Jeffery to the emergency room. That day when Steven got home his dad simply told him what had happened to Jeffery. Steven felt so bad for his brother, Jeffery had gotten very ill with a disease, and it wasn’t because of this morning’s accident.

The Wedding
By Nicholas Sparks
The Wedding starts with a husband named Wilson struggling with his marriage of 20 some years with Jane. He has taken work over home for as long as their family has existed, and Jane is thinking about leaving him; the kids have grown up, and she feels alone. What Jane doesn’t know is that Wilson has loved her more and more as the years have gone by; he just has a hard time showing it. Wilson is willing to do anything to get the love of his life back, which calls for desperate measures.

The reason that this book appealed to me was mainly because the moral of the story isn’t over-dramatic or stupid: it’s real. People can relate to what is happening, and I felt as though all those feelings were coming over me as I read further into the story.

Playing For Pizza By John
This is a great book about a pro football player for the Cleveland Browns who does horribly in a playoff game and gets released. He goes to Italy and plays for a local football team in Parma in hopes of a new start. This book is awesome, full of twists and turns, love and triumph. I recommend you read it.

I liked this book because I am a fan of football, but I found out it wasn’t just about football. It was about relationships and the ups and downs of young Rick Dockery’s life. That is why I like this book.

Just Listen By Sarah Dessen
In the book Just Listen by Sarah Dessen, Annabel Greene is smart, pretty, popular; she has it all. Then, her best friend Sophie turns against her, and her sister begins starving herself to be a model. Then, Annabel meets this guy named Owen. He is obsessed with music and determined to tell the truth no matter what.

This book was awesome because the people in the book seemed so real to me. The characters overcome their fears and become closer because of it.

by Bill Peet
This story Smokey, is on a horse that is learning traits from his mother. The young horse learns where to find food, how to be aware and fend for himself. But when his mother leaves him he has to take up all these things. I liked this book, it kept me to want to keep reading. The begining was slow, but than it picked up. There were some tragic parts, but most were very adventurious.
Playing for Pizza by John Grisham
The book Playing for Pizza was written by John Grisham. It’s about a football player who is concussed, who leaves the NFL to go and play American football in Italy.

He is trying to avoid a man named Charley Cray. The main character also finds many new lovers in the country of Italy.

I enjoyed this book because every chapter kept me awake the whole time. This book made me want to go and explore Italy. I enjoyed the creativeness of the author to use a real-life situation in his book.

Dairy Queen by Catherine Gilbert Murdock
This amazing book portrayed the way that our school (Kittson Central) is with Stephen-Argyle (Storm). D.J., the main character, is a tomboy, always a hard worker, and part of the Red Bend High School. Brian is the star-to-be in the neighboring town of Hawley, which is an enemy rival of Red Bend. In the book, Brian’s coach forces him to let D.J. Schwenk tutor Brian for football. D.J. makes some really important decisions, which will affect the rest of her high school career.

This book will take you through twists and turns that will put a new perspective on your rival team. I loved this book because I never knew what was around the corner, always exciting me with new events. I highly recommend this for anyone who is looking for a short, entertaining book about friendship, love, and sports.



Wild Magic
By Tamora Pierce
This book is about a girl named Diane Sarrasri who can communicate with animals using her mind. Bandits kill her parents so she goes off to find work with the horse mistress Onua Chamtong of the K’miri Raadeh. She meets the black robe mage Numair Salmalín and together they encounter countless immortals including giant human headed spiders called spidrens. It is a really awesome book that I have read countless times, and a book that I will read many more times in the future.

A Child Called It
by Dave Pelzer
A Child Called It by Dave Pelze, is a story about a boy who is abused constantly. His life used to be great, but sadly that changed. This is based on a true story.

I really liked this story because the little boy kept fighting for his life. This is a very sad story. Throughout I kept feeling sorry for the boy and hating the mother. I kept wanting the boy to make it until the end. The things the mother did were horrible. But seeing the things she does to him, makes me thankful for the family I have.
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, and hobbits don’t like adventure. Bilbo has I quiet life until 12 dwarves and a wizard show up and want him to go on a trip to find their treasure that the dragon stole. Bilbo has to go through treacherous tasks like goblins, wolves, elves, and a dragon. Read this book to see if Bilbo will be a hero or a goat. I liked this book because there are many twists and turns, and you never know what is going to happen next.
Saint Iggy by K.L. Going
Saint Iggy is one of the most real books I have ever read. It is my favorite kind of book because it is not about something boring like history and not about some nonsense junk they try to pass off as books. It is not about a real person, but it’s about something that happens all over the place. A struggling teen is getting kicked out of school and because his dad has drug addiction problems and his mom frequently runs off, he is forced to face life on his own.

This book is about the journey of a boy to make a difference in the time between his suspension and the hearing to make the school believe he is better and be allowed back to his school. He has to deal with other problems such as his friend getting in trouble with a drug dealer and the search for his mother. His friend owes the drug dealer a lot of money, and he is faced with the decision to save his friend or get back in school. Many things happen in the process, and this book is filled with a lot of emotions. I really suggest this immaculate book.


Flowers in the Attic
by V.C. Andrews
In this riveting tale, four young children are locked away in the attic at their grandparents' house after the tragic loss of their father. They are caught in the middle of a lie told by their mother to their grandfather involving their existence. After being captive and kept a secret for many years, they start to fear that they may never escape their imprisonment.

I enjoyed this book because it kept me waiting for more. The suspense kept me on t he edge of my seat! This was one of the best books I have ever read, and I would definitely recommend this book for many others!
In the Lake of the Woods
by Tim O'Brien
John Wade, a Minnesota resident, was a veteran in the Vietnam War who developed posttraumatic stress disorder, but this didn’t stop him from running for senator. He was very disappointed when he lost the election, so he moved to Lake of the Woods to be alone with his wife, who mysteriously disappears. Many people around him are curious that he murdered her, but no one really knows.

I found that this was a decent book. At times it was very strange and twisted, but that just showed the reality of the situations. From an odd childhood all the way to searching for his missing wife, John Wade went through various troubles that most people never face.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
by J.K. Rowling
This book caught my attention because it was full of suspense, drama, action, and sadness. It is about a force between good and evil.

In this story, Harry Potter hears about a snake that is attacking students at Hogwarts, and it is up to Harry to see if he can kill the very evil snake. There is mystery surrounding the Chamber of Secrets. Did Hagrid open it, or was it a scheme? I was on the edge of my seat reading all night. It quickly became one of the best books I have ever read. Read 1 through 7 which this is the 2nd book, and if you like this book, I am sure you will like all the others by J.K. Rowling.
At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks
At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks is a great book about loss, love, tragedy, and recovery!

Jeremy thought he would never get over one failed marriage and move on. But a few years later he is leaving New York City and moving to a small town in North Carolina where everyone knows everyone. He’s getting married again and awaiting the arrival of his first child! Just as everything seems to be settling down, Jeremy uncovers something that threatens to destroy his relationship forever! This book reveals -“ that the emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it….”

This book is great. Its setting can be related to our area, and it really seems as if the events could all happen here! If you like to read love stories, this is one for you!
The Journal of Douglas Allen Deeds
by Rodman Philbrick
The Journal of Douglass Allen Deeds was written by Rodman Philbrick. This adventure book takes place in the time when the pioneers were traveling to try to get to their destination before winter. The characters in this book were funny and had different personalities, and they were traveling in the summer and winter. I found the journal of Douglass Allen Deeds to be pretty exciting and sad. What I liked about this book was that when you start the book, you want to keep reading the book to find out what happened. If you are a reader that likes the old days, this is the book you are looking for!

The book was about the pioneers trying to get to Mississippi before winter. Many people said in the book that the characters were rude, but they were really nice. The whole entire time on their journey they were in desperate need of food and water. Then winter catches them quickly. All of the pioneers had lots of troubles.
All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque
This is a book about soldiers fighting in World War I that takes place five miles behind the front line. They give their lives to fighting for freedom of other people. The book reveals the ways that they survived, lived, and the unbearable thoughts that the soldiers will never forget, and tells about how they tried to defeat the British lines.
In my opinion, this book is really good for kids who are interested in war because it describes the feelings of the soldiers and how they lived when they were fighting. I also liked that it seemed real, (not made up) and how it described what happened.
Run, Bambi, Run by Kris Radish
Run, Bambi, Run is a compelling book based on the true story of Laurie Bembenek. Laurie was on the Miluawakee e department, but she quit after a few years. She was amazed at the corruption and degradation of minorities on the police force. She later was framed for the murder of her husband's former wife, Christine Shultz. Laurie was found guilty and was sent to prison, but she later escaped and traveled to Canada, where Canadian officials tried to free her. I liked this book because of how real it seemed to me, because it was based on a true story.
by John Grisham
Bleachers is a great story about life and football memories. The best thing was it kept me hooked the entire time. This book is about a football alumni who comes back home after his old football coach, Eddie Rake, dies. There he meets up with old freinds and even some new alumni. This All-American alumni quarterback named Neely Crenshaw was the football town of Messina's pride and joy. In his senior year he leads Messina to the state title and receives many college football scholarship offers. He picks Tech and receives illegal bribe money for choosing them. I recommend this story to everyone who is interested in sports, it is one of the best books i have ever read and is full of suspense and drama.
The Invisible Man by HG Wells
This is a novel about a mysterious man dressed in a large cloak with his face covered, who mysteriously shows up in an English village and stays in the local inn. Talk around the town is almost inevitable as this brings up a lot of suspicion. Burglaries occur around town and nobody catches the thief. One day the keepers of the inn go by the strangers room and see nobody just clothes scattered on the floor, when the furniture seems to come alive and fly out the door. He reveals himself to a former freind, Thomas Marvel and asks him to help him with his science discoveries. Eventually, this becomes known to everyone around the village and soon he is caught. This story is full of suspense and waiting to see what twist will happen next. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in mystery.
Pop by Gordan Korman
Pop is a book that will get you confused but in a good way it makes you wait to see what will happen next. This book is about a young football player, Marcus, who finds love and even a new famous friend. He meets a ex NFL football player named Charlie Popovich, except there is something different about this man. He meets him every day to play football at the park it isn't touch football it is full out tackle. He finds out that Charlie had suffered many concussions in the NFL and still thinks he is a kid. Along the way Marcus will try and out wit Charlie's two kids. I recommend this book to anyone it is a great story that can really happen in the real world today.