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How the Grinch Stole Christmas/Dr. Seuss
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Pride & Prejudice/Jane Austen
I really enjoyed this book! Pride & Prejudice is about a mother who is trying to put her children out into society so that they can find a husband. In this novel Elizabeth Bennet, one of the 5 Bennet children, starts to fall in love with Mr. Darcy. Most people in the beginning of the book believe Mr. Darcy is a conceited and proud man. But later in the book Elizabeth realizes that she had been prejudice to the fact that Mr. Darcy was truly a good man. He was both kind and generous. I felt that is was frustrating when Elizabeth turned down Mr. Darcy because I wanted them to be together so badly. This book was very difficult to read however because of Jane Austen’s complicated sentence structure but once I got through the story I thought it was a well-written piece of art.

Oliver Twist/Charles Dickens
I found it quite hard to read Oliver Twist as there were many confusing words and comparisons. I felt like I had to pick through the sentences to get to their meaning. Most of the characters were people that I would not like to surround myself with. They were a bad influence on Oliver as they would be on anyone. The setting was somewhat dark and glum because the majority of Oliver's life is dismal and depressing. Although I wasn't fond of the book Oliver Twist, I commend Charles Dickens for being a creative genius for the facts that I would never be able to write like him or in his style. If you dote on a challenging novel, then I encourage you to read Oliver Twist. But if you are like me and are akin to pleasure reading, then I would not advise you to consume your time with Oliver Twist.

A Tale of Two Cities/Dickens
This book, written by Charles Dickens, was a little hard to understand I thought. I still enjoyed this book and would suggest it to others. There was a lot of action in it if you like that and also it has some romantic parts if you like that. I think anyone could read this book and enjoy it because the plot is so exciting. It’s easy to stay interested throughout the whole book and is Charles Dickens best book.

A Tale of Two Cities/Dickens
Charles Dickens wrote this book and wanted it to be the best book he ever wrote. He was right. The plot made you wonder what was around the next bend. While the characters keep you guessing what one might do. It takes place during the French Revolution, which was a very hostile time. I strongly advise anyone who is up to the challenge to read this unforgettable novel.

Pride and Prejudice/ Jane Austenimages.jpg
Pride and Prejudice is a classic novel by Jane Austen that is so popular that it has been made into several different versions of a movie. The characters are mostly family, so while you are reading this book it gives you the family feel. I enjoyed this book, but would probably not read it again being it was not a favorite.
Oliver Twist/Charles Dickens
I didn’t really like the book Oliver Twist because I found the plot unrealistic. I did like the way Dickens was very descriptive even if his style of writing was sometimes hard to follow. The detail made it easier to visualize the different settings. Most of the settings in this book are depressing, gloomy places. I like the character of Oliver the most but I also find him to be the most unbelievable. He grows up surrounded by bad people and misfortune and he still manages to stay uncorrupt. If you like books with a lot of twist and turns I would recommend you read Oliver Twist.
Pride and Prejudice/Jane Austen
I really enjoyed Pride and Prejudice. It lives up to it's promise of being a true classic. The reading was kind of tough, but I would recommend this story to anyone who wants a good book.
Emma/Jane Austen
I thought this book was quite interesting. It used big words and was confusing at times tho. I liked the main character, Emma because she seemed realistic, but she was not a very good matchmaker and messed up her friend Harriet's love life. If you like a love novel, then this is the book for you!!!
Emma/Jane Austen
I thought Emma was a very challenging book to read because of Austen’s word choice and sentence structure. I thought a lot of the language was unnecessary for the understanding of the story, but it added to the style of the book. She wrote it as the characters in the story would talk, which made the story fit better into the time period it was set in. I liked the varied personalities of the characters, and the drama between them. It was interesting and fun to read. Even though it was set so long ago, the situations the characters end up in are the same as today. The only thing I didn’t really like was the ending, because it seemed unrealistic. I would recommend this book to people who like a challenging read, a good love story, and dramatic relationships.
Emma/Jane Austen
This is a classic novel. I strongly suggest that you partake in the reading of this book if you are in to classical romance novels. If you are this type of person, you will dive into this book like Ghandi at Thanksgiving. I liked the characters that were in this book, main and minor. I felt that I could relate to their feelings and found myself feeling just as they do. Jane Austen does a tip-top job of describing the setting and even though I was not alive during the time the book is set, I felt like I could picture how it looked. The story was also very flowing and easy to understand. I wish you would read this book, if you like it half as much as I did, you will thoroughly enjoy it!